Ben Green – self defence teacher

I have been teaching women (and men) how to stay safe for years.

My aim is to teach you how to avoid dangerous situations, but also how to defend yourself if there is no other option.

Ben Green
Ben Green


I teach one-to-one self defence at the location that suits you:

  • at your home or office
  • in a Central London Park of your choice
  • at Fitness4Less on the Southbank

You will have questions
Going for your first self-defence class feels strange. You may well be apprehensive or simply unclear about what to expect.
Unless you are so eager to start that you must jump right in with your first session, you can first meet up with me to find out more about my one-to-one self-defence classes. Over coffee on the Southbank, or at Fitness4Less.
Everybody who wants to learn more about improving their safety will have questions. I am here to talk to you. For free and without any obligation.

In the actual one-to-one self defence classes, you should wear comfortable clothes and trainers.

But for this initial consultation, you can wear whatever you are wearing anyway. It’s just a chat, no running, no shouting, no wrestling. Yet.

Contact me now to arrange a free consultation:

mobile: 07921 864 291

email: please use the contact form